How Nat Cheshire set off a new wave of confidence and creativity in Auckland

Simon Pound talks to Nat Cheshire, self-described 'fake architect', about reimagining Auckland.

A bird’s eye view of Auckland’s Kiwibuild sites

Set to deliver 100,000 homes in the next 10 years, Kiwibuild is already changing Auckland's wider landscape.

A night aboard the most loathed aircraft in New Zealand

Dylan Reeve spent a night on the police helicopter. What is it doing up there, apart from annoying people who want to sleep?

Auckland homeless count results released

Last month's 'point in time' survey tallied 336 people living without shelter, but a far greater number following a 'validation exercise'

Auckland Archive

Forget lower speed limits – just pedestrianise central Auckland

Auckland has erupted into furious debate over a proposal to adopt a 30km/h speed limit in the city centre. Hayden Donnell comes up with a solution sure to please everyone. 

Passion and fury as John Tamihere revs up Auckland mayoral ambitions

A challenge for the Auckland mayoralty is looming next year, with John Tamihere today turning up at Auckland Council to rattle some cages.

Auckland’s natural environment has been neglected for decades. No more.

To mark Auckland Council environment month, Mayor Phil Goff writes about the challenges facing the city and surrounds – and how the new targeted rate will be used to address them.

A night out in Auckland, counting the homeless

Monday night saw an unprecedented, large-scale census of Auckland's homeless population undertaken. Toby Manhire went out counting, with about 700 others

Revenge of the NIMBYs: Is council too weak to enact its own Unitary Plan?

Having nitpicked its way into rejecting two high-density apartment developments near the CBD, does Auckland Council's consents department really believe in the vision of the Unitary Plan?

‘We’re not here to judge your lifestyle, we’re here to make sure you’re housed’

Housing First is designed to get the most vulnerable homeless people into stable accommodation irrespective of mental or physical wellbeing or any history of substance abuse

Welcome to the ‘third world swamp house’, Papakura, a snip at $520 a week

Blocked drains, borked stormwater and an ankle-deep swamp under the house, yet the family renting the property in south Auckland feel powerless

How a council email footer sparked a local government conspiracy

A rogue Auckland Council email footer has sparked a wave of angst and recriminations in Takapuna, providing a glimpse into a broader conspiracy culture in local government.

This ludicrous Dominion Road decision is proof the planning system is broken

The objections of a few wealthy Mt Eden residents have succeeded in killing a much-needed central Auckland housing development. How does this keep happening?

Eye in the sky: a visual guide to Auckland’s housing boom

The launch of a new aerial imaging company in New Zealand gives a bird’s eye glimpse of Auckland's rapidly changing greenfield landscape.

Consultation is overrated: why we should stop letting idiots guide us

Councillors are forever going to public meetings to receive bad advice from angry people who mostly don’t know what they’re talking about. Hayden Donnell asks why.

How to make third places that Aucklanders want to use

Jessica Rose of Women in Urbanism offers a few suggestions on improving Auckland's third places for those who need them most.