There’s no renewable energy future without lithium

If the future is going to be powered by renewable energy, the world needs to get a lot better at dealing with one very precious element, the Materialise conference on sustainability in Wellington has heard.

Now That’s What I Call 1999: Have U2 and New Radicals ever been seen in the same room?

In 1999, Elle Hunt's dad convinced her that New Radical's 'You Get What You Give' was actually by U2. Today, she revisits the life-changing moment she realised he was wrong.

How to do your 2018 TV Halloween costumes right, according to an actual costume designer

Halloween is coming up, and you're panicking. We know, and we're here to help. Costume designer Christopher Stratton has your solutions, both easy and not!

An honest conversation between two freelancers about money

In the first instalment in the Money Talks series, Alice Webb-Liddall and Henry Oliver face up to their finances.

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Computers have grown into energy gluttons, and it can’t go on like this

It's natural to assume that the IT revolution will continue forward at a cracking pace, but that could be about to end.

Is New Zealand actually, really ‘clean and green’ when it comes to energy?

World Energy Day has put a spotlight on New Zealand’s sluggish progress towards becoming net zero carbon by 2050.

Change is brewing: Meet the women blazing trails in the beer industry

Five women talk about challenging stereotypes in New Zealand’s ever-evolving beer scene.

Feeding the world, blissfully

From hand rolling bliss balls, to exporting to South Korea, Maria Slade spoke one half of Tom & Luke about taking their healthy bars and balls global.

Connecting cities to their land through design

In the second episode of The Good Citizen, Jeremy Hansen talks to Henry Crothers about having the bravery to transform our urban landscapes.

Jess Glynne: The story so far (WATCH!)

Today, British singer-songwriter Jess Glynne released her second album. If you don't think you've heard of her, you probably have. Let us re-introduce you.

The course that’s building a more diverse police service, and why it’s so important

For 15 years Unitec has been working with the New Zealand Police to help diversify its intake of students. Jihee Junn looks at how Unitec's 'pre-police' course is changing the demographics and culture of the police service.

Weaving a life: Lakiloko and the functional beauty of Tuvalu art

Madeleine Chapman explores the beauty and purpose of Tuvalu art, and meets one of its foremost creators, Lakiloko Keakea.

The community that finds peace (and a feed) holding their breath beneath the sea

Simon Day sat down for fish tacos, beers and yarns with spearo Ant Broadhead. 

Kaylee Bell: Taking New Zealand country music to Nashville

Kaylee Bell on her new music, her foothold in the Australian country scene and the musical stalwarts she’s been working with in Nashville.

This year, power is getting political. Here’s why you should care

Steve O'Connor CEO of Flick Electric writes about why he welcomes increased scrutiny for his industry.

New Zealand faces up to its plastic problem

Tonnes upon tonnes of plastic waste with nowhere to go — there’s no easy solution, but for one group of Kiwi businesses, simply doing nothing was not an option.