Why corporate boxing is getting people killed

Yesterday corporate boxer Kain Parsons succumbed to a brain injury sustained in a charity bout on Saturday night. He won't be the last, writes Don Rowe. 

Should ANZAC and the memory of war be such big business?

Australian historian Dr Jo Hawkins spoke to Alex Braae about what commercialised commemoration of Anzac means, and whether it has gone too far. 

The economic boon for New Zealand of drug law reform

The benefits of a package of drug law reform measures will outweigh the costs, finds Shamubeel Eaqub in a new report commissioned by the NZ Drug Foundation

So you’re about to lose money on the Melbourne Cup – where does it go?

Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost by punters at the TAB every year. Where does it go, asks Don Rowe.

Society Archive

Separating fact from fiction on abortion law reform

Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond debunks some of the myths and misinformation around abortion law reform in New Zealand and the changes proposed by the Law Commission.

The Chemist Warehouse is pure hell and I love it

Alex Casey dissects her destructive obsession with discount pharmacy Chemist Warehouse. 

The Parihaka prisoners and the legend of the caves

Were a group of Māori men from Parihaka in Taranaki really held in a Dunedin cave in the late 1800s? New research by museum curator Seán Brosnahan may finally reveal the truth.

Two dogs, one ukulele, and the extraordinary man who played it

David Farrier went in search of the New Zealand hero who played the ukulele to two horned up doggos

The Sun ran a story about free-bleeding. What happened next won’t shock you

On Monday, a UK journalist published a piece in a national newspaper about her experience of ‘free bleeding’ – and a whole pile of men told her exactly what they thought about it.

Guy Fawkes Night sucks, let’s get rid of it

Emily Writes is mad as hell and not going to take it (fireworks) any more.

Meghan and Harry seem nice. But why the hell are NZ taxpayers paying their bills?

Should we really be coughing up hundreds of thousands on this royal pageant?

An afternoon spent plastering the streets with trans love

Alex Casey spends a few hours with some rainbow volunteers shining a light on the trans community.

Women are sick of being fobbed off. Pay us what we deserve.

I love my job, writes midwife Lucy Kelly. But love can't make up for a wage I can barely survive on.

I waited over an hour to see Meghan Markle’s hand

Spinoff royal correspondent Alex Casey waits at the Auckland Viaduct for the celebrity encounter of a lifetime

Hey Christians, Jesus wouldn’t be protesting the parliamentary prayer

He had better things to do, and so do you, writes Aaron Hendry.

The Side Eye: The Truth is Dead

Conspiracies, fake news and alternative facts: sometimes it's all a bit too much to handle. Toby Morris asks where we draw the line between accepting other's beliefs and calling out bullshit in the post-truth age.